In all aspects of our business, our team is consistently making adjustments to our
practices to do better. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, however as we learn and grow we will ensure that our impact on the earth will be as minimal as possible through smart design, ethical manufacturing and a sustainable approach to everything that we do.


We source our leather from a small handful of Italian tanneries. These tanneries also supply luxury brands such as Saint Laurent and Celine and are known for their high grade of leather and therefore lowest wastage. We also work to develop small items through considered design so that every part of the hide is used and nothing is left on the cutting room floor.


We regularly visit our suppliers to ensure working conditions not only meet, but exceed ethical standards to ensure that all people involved are treated fairly and respectfully along the way.


We are pleased to announce that from October 2019 all of our products manufactured from this date will be plastic packaging free - replaced with new compostable and biodegradable alternatives. By swapping to environmentally friendly packaging, we will save thousands of single-use plastic bags from entering the environment annually.


It is our goal to continue to improve our products, manufacturing, packaging and design to greatly reduce our environmental impact. With a new project in the works, we also hope to be fully immersed in the circular economy by 2021. We can’t achieve these goals without your support. Please feel free to tell us what you love and how you think we could improve.